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Gorgeous bee watch

I work in an integrated mainstream and SEND school which has lots of behaviour issues. As such I wear minimal jewellery: one ring, simple stud earrings and a watch. Recently my trusty, old watch gave up, so I have been on a hunt for a stylish watch that I can wear for work. I love Accessorize watches and on my hunt I found this gorgeous bee watch made for them. It has a cute design and the strap is incredibly comfortable, so I can wear it both in and out of school. Not to mention the strap matches the colour of my new favourite nail varnish combination (see my previous blog post) and our minibeast topic!

Now I have a big tip for you: if you want an Accessorize watch you must check to see whether Argos sell it first. Most of the time Argos sells Accessorize watches for at least £10 cheaper than Accessorize themselves and they often have a wider range available.

This watch was not available from Accessorize and was only £14.99 from Argos (half the price of other watches on the Accessorize website!)

Here’s the link to buy this Accessorize bee watch from Argos.

Share some photographs of the cute jewellery you wear to work in the comments!

We can survive teaching together!


Professional nail varnish look

I hate having dirty nails! However, teaching in a primary school means working with all of the sticky, dirty substances known to man, and you can guarantee that every one of them will get under your nails. Because of this, I like to keep my nails short and painted. Now I know that most schools will oppose to you wearing bright nail varnish so I have found this classy, simple colour which keeps your nails looking clean and professional. First I put two coats of the Barry M matte vanilla paint on and then cover them with the Barry M plumpy top coat. Now I know what you’re thinking “Why use a matte colour and then put a shiny top coat on?” Of course the matte nail varnish looks great on its own, but I think adding the top coat gives it a completely different colour and makes sure that my varnish lasts all week, because heaven knows I don’t have time during the week to re-do my nails!

Here are the amazon links to the nail varnishes mentioned in this blog post:

Matte nail paint by Barry M – vanilla 425

Gelly hi-shine nail paint by Barry M – plumpy top coat 451

Superdrug, Boots and Tesco usually have 3 for 2 offers on Barry M nail varnishes – two for school and a treat for the weekend!

We can survive teaching together!

Foolproof PD day outfit

My first day as an NQT at a brand new school was a PD day. No one told me what to wear on a so I turned up looking extremely professional: smart black trousers, red blouse and heels. Everyone else was wearing jeans and t-shirts…. I felt so embarrassed! Why had my PGCE not taught me what to wear for a PD day??? Why had no one at my new school thought to tell me it was casual dress??? Why hadn’t I asked what the dress code would be??? The truth is that I thought about asking what the dress code was, but I was too scared it was a stupid question. Spoiler – it isn’t. I want to make sure no one goes through the same horrible feeling on their first day so I put together this simple outfit that would look great regardless of whether everyone else is wearing smart clothes or their scruffs.

The best thing about this outfit is that everyone probably has similar pieces in their wardrobes that they can wear even if they don’t have the exact things and they will still look fantastic.

Here’s a list of items in this outfit:

Shoes – Primark £5

Plain black tights – Tesco £7 for 2 pairs

Dress – Amazon £69.99 £11.41

I’d love to see pictures of your PD day outfits in the comments!

We can survive teaching together!

Welcome to my blog!

So during the summer holidays I found out that lots of the friends I made during my PGCE have decided to quit teaching after only completing their NQT year. I also read some pretty heartbreaking articles and blog posts about young teachers who have decided to leave the profession after only a couple of years. I decided to see whether I could find any advice or support for young teachers on the internet and I noticed something incredible! All I found were blogs written by older, more experienced teachers which only talked about education and politics. I could’t find any blogs which addressed some of the important issues that twenty-something-year-old teachers face today such as: cute work outfit ideas, what to buy colleagues for secret Santa, where to find high quality resources, which books are actually useful, how to have a life and be a good teacher, etc, etc… So I decided to start my own blog and here we are! My hope is that I can share some of my knowledge and ideas about teaching and life in general to help other young teachers survive!

Of course I realise that I am fresh out of my NQT year and still have lots to learn so please feel free to comment on any of my posts to correct me or give additional advice.

We can survive teaching together!

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